A little bruise

Earlier today someone noticed the bruise on my upper arm. It is small but has some pretty intense coloring. There is a good reason for it.

A few years ago my doctor suggested I get the shingles vaccine. I did and all was great. Then, this year I learned that there was an updated version of the vaccine. Monday, I got the first of the two injections for this updated vaccine. Our pharmacist gave me the shot and did a great job. Our insurance paid for it and I was good to go.

But, this week’s shot left a bump and a bruise that will be around for a few days. And, the first night after the shot, I thought I was sleeping on something hard (maybe an ear bud?). My arm was sore and the doggone shot was the cause of my pain.

Poppa has had the shingles as have several of our friends. I had chicken pox as a kid, so there is a chance that I could get an outbreak some day. Two shots is a great price to avoid the shingles!

Sometimes pain and inconvenience are worth the outcome.

Let’s remember that lesson as we gear up for the week before Christmas.

⁃ Stuck in traffic? Remember the joy of seeing that little one in their school or church program, or your comfy living room/recliner/bed that is waiting for you at home, or the amazing food at your favorite restaurant.

⁃ Tired of listening to that person complain? Remember that you are helping a powerless person feel important, or their rant might teach you something new, or that the conversation might give you an idea for your next “we gather together” blog. 😊

⁃ Weary of shopping? Be thankful that people are looking forward to seeing you, or that the clerk at the cash register really needs your smile and pleasant word today, or that you are helping the economy grow – one dollar at a time!

Bruises usually are short lived but, in this case, the inconvenience, the bump, the pain are a good price for the benefits received.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)