Monthly Archives: January 2020

His ways are best

My parents have a wonderful pastor in their church at Cedar Lake Village. During the week, this kind man works as a janitor in a local elementary school. I was blessed to be in the service when he shared this story.

One day, he walked into the cafeteria and saw a young boy (perhaps in kindergarten or first grade) standing nervously, by himself, against the wall. The lad looked scared and ready to bolt.

The Pastor/Janitor went over to the child and said, “Hey, Buddy, is everything ok? Are you alright?”

The boy looked up and nervously whispered, “I have a hole in my pants and everyone can see my underpants.” He looked around and with tears in his eyes said, “I don’t want them to see my underpants.”

The man looked down as the child moved his hand slightly. There was a small hole along the seam of the boy’s trousers. Knowing that he had a sewing kit in his office, the Pastor/Janitor said, “Buddy, I think we can fix that.”

The boy replied, “I know. I was just going to do that.”

When the man smiled quizzically, the child went on, “I was going to the bathroom to take off my underpants.”

At that, the Pastor/Janitor smiled even more and took him to his office where a couple of quick stitches with needle and thread solved the problem.

Today, when we find ourselves in trouble, afraid and embarrassed, let us look to God for His answer before we run off and try to fix things ourselves. His ways are always best.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)