This notice on my dashboard is really bugging me. Somebody must have forgotten to hit the reset button or flip the switch. My vehicle doesn’t need an oil change; the maintenance is up-to-date and the oil is fine. The problem is that every time I start the car, this message appears. It is irritating.

It is a little like the sign just before a school zone near us. I know that the speed limit inside the school zone is 20 miles per hour but the sign reports my speed before I get to the zone and it blinks if I am going faster than 20 mph even though I am not yet in the zone. Arrrgggh!

Ok, one more. This week I had routine appointments with both my doctor and dentist. Their offices are very helpful. I received emails and texts reminding me of the appointment date and time. Those “warning” emails and texts were actually helpful. They were not intrusive and they helped me to keep my schedule on track.

During the holidays we get lots of reminders and warnings:

    “Don’t forget to bring the ham to the dinner.”
    “The program starts at 5 so we need to be there by 4.”
    “The party theme is ugly Christmas sweater so let’s wear the ones your aunt gave to us (and, for goodness sake, don’t let your family know that is how we are using her gift).”

If we are the ones sending out those “helpful” reminders, let’s make sure that our warning signals are helpful, timely and appropriate. We don’t want to be the cause of pain and irritation – both bad ways to foster that so very important Christmas spirit!!


Jill (just one of God’s kids)


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