Daily Archives: December 16, 2019


This afternoon John and I delivered goodies to our neighbors and we left a package of goodies for our mail man. What fun! We included a Christmas card and a small ornament. It was a joy to see them, share hugs, and to say Merry Christmas and God bless.

One of my favorite Christmas memories related to church has to do with bags of goodies we put together as a family. I didn’t learn until later that some church folks had complained about this “chore” and so my parents volunteered our family to do it. Who else had 5 kids to use as an assembly line? Hahaha!

Seriously, this was such a great family activity. We had a stack of brown paper bags, sack lunch size or a little larger. And, we had apples and nuts and candies. Mom and Poppa assigned a station to each of us and gave us instructions related to that station. The sack would come to our section of the table where we would add our item and then moved the item down the line. I remember it being really fun. But, the joy was even greater when we saw the sacks of Christmas goodies handed out one December Sunday morning. Those paper bags of Christmas goodies made people so happy!!

It’s Christmas! Take some fruit or cookies or candies (store bought is fine!), put it them on a paper or plastic plate and deliver the goodies to someone who doesn’t expect it. You can share so much joy with just a card and a cookie.

Try it – you might see a neighbor become a friend!


Jill (just one of God’s kids)


I almost lost my shoe

This year we moved into our new house. It is so wonderful to be home. And, on this afternoon after a very busy morning, I have enjoyed more than one nap on the couch!

But, I remember a Sunday afternoon a few years ago that was so different, so difficult. I have one word for it – muck.

You see, after the foundation had been laid for our new home, we had one rain storm after another. Our builder told us we needed to wait for the muck to dry out before work could continue. And so, I decided to see what I could do to hurry the process up. This particular afternoon was sunny and there was a nice breeze. It seemed to me that perhaps some old fashioned hard work might make a difference.

I grabbed a rake and a hoe and headed into the middle of the foundation, built of cement blocks. It looked like a little mud with some dry patches. I started raking around the edges. I thought that by breaking up the surface, the wet mud underneath would be exposed to the sun and breeze, causing it to dry.

The more I worked, the farther I got away from the cement walls. Using the hoe, I would lift some of the mud and plop it down again. The harder I worked, the bigger the job got. And, the farther out into the muck I went.

And then it happened, my foot was stuck in the muck. I couldn’t raise my leg – the muck was stronger than I was. I realized that the muck had captured my shoe; I could be free if I just gave up a shoe. I wasn’t trapped.

In the end,I was able to use the hoe to break the suction holding my shoe and extricate my foot and my shoe! Victory!!

Wait…the muck was still there. I did nothing to change the situation. No matter how how dedicated, how focused, I stubborn I was, I couldn’t change the muck. All I did was frustrate myself and get stuck and almost lose a shoe. There was no victory…no victory, but a lesson learned. Sometimes we just have to wait it out.

Sigh…I wish I lived like I had really learned that lesson. Just a thought.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)