Fear not, my Friend. Fear not. 

Earlier this year I had a medical procedure that many of us try to avoid – a colonoscopy.  

For those of you who have been ignoring yourself doc’s orders for this test, let me give you some advice: get the test done, it is easier than you think. The old days of prepping by drinking a gallon of nasty stuff are gone. And, if you modify your diet slightly (from heavy to lighter foods) for three or so days before the procedure and do the required preps, you will be fine. Rather than get creeped out about it, remember that the colonoscopy procedure has saved many, many lives. It can make a difference. 

Because, for me, this test was a follow up from a test done a few years ago that gave some not “perfect” results, my anxiety level was a little higher than it was the first time. 

I can’t say that I was thrilled when I arrived at the appointment, but I was ready. Even though there was a minimal amount of preliminaries like paperwork, starting the IV, taking my blood pressure, etc., my anxiety level continued to rise. You know what I mean, as soon as I replaced my comfy walking shoes with those ugly, hospital socks, my body temperature started bouncing between hot and cold. 

Eventually it was my turn to go into the procedure room. After finishing the final preps and chatting with the staff, the magic elixir went into my IV and I went fast asleep. 

A little while later, I felt myself waking up, feeling groggy and dumb. Three female staff members were around my bed, talking. I was frightened. What could they have found? What was wrong?? My brain tried to make sense of their words and I couldn’t understand them. How bad was it???

As my head continued to clear I heard one woman say to another, “Isn’t her ring gorgeous? I love it.” At that point two other gals popped in to check out the ring John had bought me for our 25th anniversary. 

Funny, the biggest worry I had at that moment was totally unfounded in the eyes of the experts. An invasive test that scares folks was forgotten as ladies admired my jewelry. 

  • Too often I have worried about things that were nothing. 
  • Too many times I have thought that people were talking about one thing when they were focused on something else. 
  • Too often, I have been embarrassed about something, never noticing that it was of concern only to me.  

We have so many better things to do with our time. 

Fear not, my Friend. Fear not.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)

P.s. Next time, I’m leaving my rings with John!!


When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.” (Psalm 56:3)


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