Daily Archives: November 18, 2016

She is so smart!

One of John’s groups hosts an amazing Christmas/holiday party every December. We love seeing wonderful friends there and enjoying great food and entertainment. 

Last year, the attire was “ugly sweaters.” It was hilarious to see what folks found for that night. 

This year, we are to dress reflecting our heritage. John has it easy – English or German. 

I am having a rougher time. I have a multitude of groups represented inside of my DNA. I searched the internet for a “Heinz 57” costume and only found items that are not age or body type appropriate. What to do??

So, I chatted with my mom about my predicament. Her suggestion was that I wear a simple, white dress; it sounded like she wanted me to dress like an angel. Ok, that made no sense whatsoever even if the woman birthed me and has an irrational love of her children. 

I replied to her suggestion with a sarcastic tone: “Angelic?? I don’t think so!!”

Her answer was simple, “Jill, your sign off is ‘just one of God’s kids.’  That’s what you are – a child of God. That’s your heritage.”

She is so smart. 


Jill (just one of God’a kids)