Daily Archives: November 15, 2016

Little is much when God is in it!


This morning we started construction of our church’s live nativity (and more) presentation: “Love’s Story.”  I am so excited!!

The amazing man who had directed the event for many years found himself unable to commit to help this year.  I kept thinking about what a difference this community celebration of Jesus makes.  It impacts so very many families, children and lives.  Each year, the cooler nights and bright stars and smell of wood smoke and hot chocolate of this event, help me to focus on the season.  Basically, the Live Nativity kick-starts me into Christmas.

And so, John and I took on the task of directing this year’s production.  The project is huge. The risks are real.  The list of reasons that it might all go wrong is long.  And then as we watch, God sends His children.

  • People began planning costumes before they were asked.
  • When I said we didn’t have the resources for one event element, a volunteer offered equipment and labor. 
  • Someone else knew how to get PSAs to the right folks.
  • Another looked at worn out signs and knew exactly what to do.
  • When I worried about a lighting challenge, a friend offered an easy and beautiful solution.
  • New ideas were accepted and welcomed.
  • Old stuff has been reclaimed and is being refreshed. 
  • Everyone accepted our phone calls requesting their help and advice.

And, this morning, the posts to form the wall around the village went up.  The plan that was in my head is now anchored in the ground. 

It is a little daunting when I stupidly think that we have “too much to do.”  In reality, there are people who are ready to help when they know that God is in the event – seeds will be planted and, we are praying, a harvest will result.  Freedom is when we see a task as an opportunity; when we acknowledge that if God directs us to do something that He will equip and guide us through it.

I’m pumped!!

Jill (just one of God’s kids)

p.s.  Want to come to our event??   We would love to have you join us.  December 2, 3 and 4.  6-8pm.  3475 Pine Forest Road, Cantonment, FL. 


Enjoy an old song:  Little is Much When God Is In It!