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Take it easy!

For a little over 30 years, I worked with the NROTC Program. It was a blessing to be part of that program and the amazing people who made it all happen.

Every year, about 4,000 of our nation’s best college students trained and learned together in preparation for commissioning into the officer corps of either the Navy or Marine Corps. Part of the course included training with the active duty forces over the summer months. Between the freshmen and sophomore years, NROTC midshipmen went to the west or east coast to participate in four weeks of training: one week each with submarines, aviation, surface Navy and Marine Corps.

On the west coast, the week with the Marines included a simulation of securing a small village. Small groups of midshipmen would move from play wood building to building, securing the area.

One year, I got word that a midshipman had suffered a severe arm fracture. His training was ended and he was sent home for additional treatment. I asked how he had broken multiple bones and the answer came with laughter.

Apparently, when working with his team to secure a building, this not-so-bright lad had launched his body through a window opening in the building and landed hard on the sand floor inside. It seems that he had watched too many movies where the hero had executed a similar action, ending in a forward roll and a jump to his feet. The young man’s action did not go as planned; his daring dive resulted in a face and arm plant and the snapping of bones. I am happy to report that in the end, he mended and was fine.

What is my point? Well, have you an unreasonable goal for the holidays? That goal being the equivalent of launching your body through a window opening of a ply wood building? I know it looks easy – Norm Abrams, Rachel Ray, and Martha Stewart, Chip and Joanna all get it done!! Guess what? That’s tv life, not real life!

Don’t break a bone (literally or figuratively) this Christmas. Eat good, sleep well, enjoy the holidays!!


Jill (just one of God’s kids)

It is senseless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, fearing you will starve to death; for God wants his loved ones to get their proper rest. (Psalm 127:2, TLB)