Rumors and reputations

Sometimes, geographic regions get reputations, true or not. Sometimes, groups of people get reputations, true or not. And, sometimes individuals get reputations, true or not.

Yesterday, I was driving to an appointment and got distracted thinking about a project. I made a turn I had not planned on making and got stuck at a stop light. (Friends, Our thoughts distract us enough; we must put down the phone while driving! That was my PSA for the day. Now, back to our story.)

Just beyond the red light, in front of me, was an entrance to the interstate. Usually, cars zoom up the ramp, but, yesterday they were going slowly, weaving around something on the road. Looking more closely, I saw maybe 20 cement blocks on the pavement. Many were broken, but quite a few were still whole. (Run into one of those blocks and your whole day would be ruined.) It appeared that a truck had lost part of a load of building materials.

A deputy sheriff drove up to the ramp with lights flashing. He stopped his car and started moving blocks from the road to the grass shoulder.

Then (this really was a long red light!) a motorcycle rider came on the scene. He parked his bike, said hello to the deputy, and together they tossed cement blocks. The act warmed my heart.


You see, sometimes people believe little rumors or silly jokes or hurtful comments that they have heard:
– Police don’t serve the public.
– The South is full of red light running, moonshine drinking idiots.
– Motorcycle riders are thugs.

But, playing out in front of me, I saw:
– Americans pulling together.
– A deputy working without gloves, without back-up and without a drawn weapon while he fixed a problem.
– A motorcycle riding southerner stopping to make a difference.
– People doing good things without a promise of reward or glory.

As I thought about how my views on others can be biased I was reminded of the story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus. Read it; it will bless and inspire and motivate you.  The Woman at the Well

Do you deserve a reprieve from false rumors or from a troublesome past? How about someone you will be seeing in the voting booth or at the stadium or in your kitchen; do they deserve a fresh look?

Let’s stop telling the “stories” and quit our “stinking thinking” and give ourselves and those around us a new start. Let us put off planning the holiday menu and the football schedule for a minute or two and get ready for the holidays by getting rid of some “stuff”!!


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