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Young girl playing in rain

The storm the other night was pretty loud. And, the 3:38am weather alarms on our phones didn’t make the night any easier. By the time I was ready to leave home, the puddles outside were big and deep. When I got out of my car to make a quick stop at a local convenience store, I was surprised that it came back to me. I remembered what it is like to stomp in a puddle.

Do you remember how a good stomp felt?  The way the water would spray all around you?  The sound of your shoe hitting the puddle?  How sometimes a rainbow would seem to appear out of the flying water?

I was hesitant to do it just then. People were watching. I was wearing “good” clothes. But, I couldn’t help myself! It wasn’t the puddle stomp of a 9 year old; it was the stomp of an old lady. But, I stomped and I laughed; I giggled and I stomped. You are right, my feet inside of my shoes and socks got wet and the legs of my trousers got soaked.   (Two things I noticed when I stepped into an air conditioned building.) But, I stomped in a puddle and it was fun!!

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the other day, I picked up a pine cone and threw it like it was a football. And, I have been known to kick quite a few fall leaves from time-to-time.

It is all part of the fall season. The weather changes from bright cold days to chilly damp days and the kid in me doesn’t really care. On any day, I can find a puddle to stomp, a pine cone to throw or a leaf to kick.

Try it – you will like it!! And, if you can, take another kid (age doesn’t matter!) with you. It is a delightful way to share God’s beautiful season of fall.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” (Psalm 126:2)


7-12 pounds? Really??

Our Weight Watcher’s instructor, Paula, always has great ideas. Today, she shared that Americans gain 7-12 pounds between Thanksgiving morning and January 2nd. Want to avoid adding those extra pounds? Well, in addition to the regular advice of controlling portions, selecting the right foods, drinking enough water and exercising, Paula has the following suggestions:

  • Realize that you can only enjoy 2 or 3 combinations of flavors in any one meal. So, make the most of your selections.
  • If you don’t love, don’t finish it. Or, even better yet, don’t eat it at all.
  • If a particular food is available all year long, don’t eat it during the holidays. So, ignore those mashed potatoes and enjoy that amazing dressing.
  • If you are at a buffet type meal, check out all of the options before you put anything on your plate.
  • Put small amounts of food on your plate and don’t let different foods touch each other  – leave some space around each item. Then, if you want more of something, go back and get a second helping.
  • Drink an extra bottle of water each day over the Thanksgiving weekend. This will help to flush out the salt in the foods eaten and will help with digestion.
  • Set a curfew on your leftovers. A good suggestion is noon on Saturday after Thanksgiving. After that time, no more leftover Thanksgiving dinner.
  • And, my favorite….Follow her dress code for Thanksgiving dinner – snug jeans. No comfy clothes that stretch!

What marvelous ideas!

Did you see the theme that I saw? Paula believes in planning! She operates under the notion that we have some idea about the holiday and that we can take action to avoid packing on extra pounds. Paula learned a long time ago that so much of life is what we make it – the choices really are ours.

Since Thanksgiving is only a week away, maybe we ought to spend a few minutes thinking about the challenges that the holiday presents.  We might enjoy the holiday more if we prepare our hearts and minds (and diets) for the week, meals, family members and events that are ahead.

Have fun!!

p.s. Paula warned that pecan pie is dangerous. Look it up – she is right!