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2015-11-17 08.12.50It finally gave way. The canopy we have had set up for the last 18 months or so was demolished by wind and rain a few weeks ago. I really liked that canopy and hated to see it go. When we set it up we installed an outdoor carpet under it and put our old patio furniture under it. I liked to call that canopy our “outdoor living space” (a term I learned while watching hundreds of shows on HGTV). It was a great place to listen to the Navy helicopters training at the nearby practice field and to watch shows on Netflix (the internet signal strength out there is really strong). But, our canopy wasn’t designed to withstand our weather very long. Eventually, the impacts of wind and sun and rain caused its demise.

The other day, as I drove up, I could see the torn covering flapping in the wind and decided to take a closer look. Still hanging on the bent frame was the orchid that we had bought while visiting the kids a few months ago. From time-to-time I had remembered to water and to feed this plant but had neglected it for the past several weeks. There, popping out of the plant was the prettiest set of blossoms. Finally, a plant that thrived in spite of my neglect! In the middle of our worn out and useless canopy were beautiful flowers.

II Corinthians 5 equates our earthly bodies with tents. It says that eventually our tents must be taken down and that we suffer while we are in them here on earth.

A tent is a temporary structure. It does its job, but it will eventually wear out, and, damaged by the forces of this world, it will come down. II Corinthians goes on to promise that those who follow God will, in the eternal life that follows, be clothed with an immortal body; a body that will never suffer harm or decay.

I love the promise of the immortal and eternal. But, today, I want my tent to offer help to others. I want to use my hands, my energy, my words, my living being to create shelter to those who are needy, to encourage growth and beauty to those who are neglected, and to stop the rain and the sun from causing harm to others.

Admit it. We are temporary beings in temporary bodies. If you are like me, your tent is getting a little beat up; my canvas reflects some of the storms I have been through! Before our tents wear out and instead of applying a fresh coat of war paint or trying to “suck it up”, let’s do something for someone else! Let’s spend time and energy (and maybe some dollars??) and make a difference in someone else’s life!

Just a thought.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)

Want to read the passage that I mentioned above?   https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=II+Corinthians+5&version=NIV