An unusual posting

OK, I’m going off the beaten path here. But, I have something that I think might be helpful.

John and I were blessed with four amazing parents. Howard and Iva Stein, and Bill and Norma Mullins have always been warm, kind, loving, smart, hard-working, generous and dear people. Today, Howard and Iva are together, no doubt dancing down those golden streets of heaven. And, Bill and Norma are fixing dinner in their kitchen in Kansas, laughing at every step of their preparation. They are four fantastic parents.

Now, I know that some of you grew up where love and kindness were not what you knew from the adults in your home. I wish that I could change that for you. But, for today, just pretend that you have been adopted by Howard and Iva or Bill and Norma. Imagine that these two adults love you and care about you and will always be there for you.

– When you are cold, they give you their coat.

– When you are hungry, they make sure that you have something good to eat.

– When you are sick, they do everything they can to help you get better.

Now, know that they do not always give you what you want; but they give you what you need.

– So, your request for candy might be answered with a reply that dinner will be served in an hour.

– Your “need” for those expensive jeans might be met with some hand-me-downs from your sibling or by a good pair of “generic” jeans.

– And, your longing for that special bike might be met with exactly that bike and a good bike helmet.

Imagine an adult who loves you and who behaves like a parent.

OK, got the picture?

Now, think about how they might communicate direction to us. Do these examples sound right?

– We miss dinner because they whispered when they said, “Dinner is ready” and we couldn’t hear them.

– They prohibited us from learning to drive because we were scared the first time we got behind the steering wheel.

– Or, we never graduated from high school because at the age of 5 we didn’t know that we were expected to go to kindergarten and they didn’t take us to school.

Those three examples sound nothing like the loving parents I described before, do they?

– I totally understand how we might miss dinner because we had snuck out of the house (after they told us not to) and didn’t hear the call of “dinner.”

– Or, we weren’t allowed to drive the car because we weren’t old enough.

– Or, we didn’t graduate from high school because we dropped out even though they did everything possible to keep us in school.

Good parents don’t play “gotcha” and trick their children. Good parents hold us accountable only when we are able to understand the rules and to obey them.

The same is true with God. God doesn’t play “gotcha.”

When we seek Him and do what He directs us to do and continue to try to be obedient – He guides our paths. He doesn’t whisper so that we cannot hear Him. When we seek Him, listen to Him, and do what He tells us to do – He directs our steps and promises that He will share His plan for us at the right time..

So, if today you are doing everything you can to draw closer to God and to do what He tells you want to do, relax!!

You are not going to miss His guidance. He is not going to play “gotcha” with you.

Questions? Give me a buzz. I’ll tell you about our loving and generous God.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:11)


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