It has been raining for several days and we are excited to see the weather forecast of clear skies later this week. But, for now, we still need the windshield wipers.

As John and I sat at a stoplight this morning, we had a clear view of the windshield wiper on the back window of the SUV in front of us. It caught my attention, because there was an oddly shaped hand silhouette affixed to the wiper blade. The hand had letters on it in a foreign language. While waiting for the light to change, I found myself trying to figure out the meaning of the figure.

Suddenly, it struck me. The hand shape had an extended middle finger and, even though I do not speak the foreign language, I understood the words.

I felt so very badly for any parent who will get the question, “What does that mean?”

You may have been next to me in the airport, or in the waiting room at the car wash, or in line at the grocery store when we heard words that caused us to gasp or sigh or cringe. So often, when I hear those words, I look around to see if there are children nearby. But, I always am saddened.

We hear those words more than we have ever heard them – out of the mouths of teens, of those with wealth and those without wealth, of men and of women, of athletes, coaches, spectators and announcers. And, we have heard those words spoken by children.

But, today instead of looking to see if there were children present, I shouted, “I am a child. We are all children of God. We do not want to hear or see those words or images. We want to live in a world that cares, in a world that shows respect, in a world that loves.” Please forgive me, but I don’t want my heart and mind to become even more jaded, more used to those angry and offensive intentions.

What really saddens my heart is that the words and images are reflections of hearts that are angry and violent and hurt, of hearts that need love and joy and peace.

We are all children, created by God, who need to be cared for and cared about.

During this holiday season, I want my view to go deeper than the words and images. I want my focus to be on the heart.

Friend, Let our words this holiday season be uplifting!  May our words reflect hearts of love.

The scripture says, “You don’t get wormy apples off a healthy tree, nor good apples off a diseased tree. The health of the apple tells the health of the tree. You must begin with your own life-giving lives. It’s who you are, not what you say and do, that counts. Your true being brims over into true words and deeds.” (Luke 6:45, The Message)

Love you,

Jill (just one of God’s kids)


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