Time wasted?

Yesterday was crazy. We had an early alarm (5:30) because John had an early session with a flight student. I got up right after he did and decided to get a few things done. Because my primary goal for the day was to do a very dirty job (cleaning greasy outdoor storage items), I dressed in work clothes and didn’t do anything with my hair. Then I realized that I needed to pick up more cleaning agents for my project and I made a quick stop at Walmart. I made one more stop (Walgreens) before heading home. It was there that I made a huge mistake. I locked my phone and my keys in my vehicle. Arrgghh! The situation was entirely my fault. No one else had done anything to cause my dilemma.

So, at about 8:30 on a Tuesday morning, I was at a popular store on a busy street, in work clothes with bad hair (my ball cap was on the seat in my vehicle), and, I was going to be there for some time. A very nice clerk loaned me her cell phone so that I could leave a message for John and then I settled in, standing next to my vehicle, holding my wallet and a plastic bag.

There really wasn’t much I could do. I didn’t want to go into the store again and so I stood and waited. My phone was staring at me from inside the vehicle; there would be no reading of emails, playing of Solitaire or updating my Facebook status. There was no place for me to sit down except on the curb. And, if I got seated there, I had no idea how I would get up gracefully. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t thirsty. My only option was to stand and to wait.

And so, I started praying; you were included. Now, you need to understand that I have no idea who reads the “We Gather Together 14” series, so my praying involved some specific names and then some generalized categories. You will probably find yourself below.

I prayed for my family. Some of you are going through tough challenges; others of you seem to be in a “smooth sailing” period. But, I love you all. And, I prayed for each of you. Thank you for being there for John and me no matter what. Your love and friendship mean more than you will ever know. I prayed that Christmas will be a blessed time for you; that the peace that passes all understanding will be yours.

I prayed for our friends, many by name. You mean so much to us. I prayed that each will grow closer to God this Christmas season. I prayed that travels will be safe, the finances will be balanced, and that good health will be yours. The struggles that some of you are facing flooded my mind. You are such blessings to John and to me. May God’s love surround you.

I prayed for those who, like me, are seekers and students and dreamers. I know that my journey is easier and better because I see others who are questioning where they are going and how they will get there. I asked God to remind us that even though we don’t have all of the answers, we are wiser than we were last year and that we will grow even more next year.

I prayed for our nation, her leaders, her military and her people. I thanked God for good Americans who volunteer to serve. I prayed that all would pursue the wisdom of God and to serve with integrity and faithfulness. So many will not be at home this Christmas and I prayed that they will realize that Americans value their service. And, I prayed that we will live up to their sacrifice.

I prayed for our church. The spirit of God is so sweet at PCN and I prayed that we would be more and more faithful. I long for revival in my heart and in our church.

And, I prayed for myself. There is so much that I am learning from God’s word and from His leading. I want to mature in my walk and to allow the love of God to soften my heart and my life more and more.

When John arrived, keys in hand, I ended my time of reflection with a quick “I’m OK” to my new Walgreeen’s friends and a smile toward the heavens. The frustration of having to stand next to my vehicle with nothing to do had melted away; I had had a wonderful time with our Father.

“I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” (Ephesians 1:16)


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