Daily Archives: December 1, 2014

Go with the flow!

Yesterday turned out like nothing like what I had planned. Well, that’s not exactly right, I did plan to get up, go to church, help some friends move, come home and go to bed and I did those things. But, I could never have imagined all that happened.

It started on Saturday when a friend called. They knew of an 8th grade boy who wanted to attend our church and asked if I could make transportation arrangements. I said “yes” immediately and was excited about seeing him. John and I got up earlier than usual and I left to find the address. I expected to see a sullen kid, looking for a way to get away from home for a few hours. Instead, I met this amazing young man. He was kind and helpful and delightful. Surprise number one!

Then, I ran into a wonderful sister I had not expected to see. It was great to catch up on our Thanksgiving holidays apart. What a blessing. Surprise number two!

We were thrilled to sing with a friend we had been apart from for several months. Surprise number three!

The Advent candles were set up on the platform for both services but no arrangements had been made regarding how they would be introduced during worship. John and I were volunteered and I was able to use the scripture from yesterday’s blog (Micah 7:7). It was a blessing to be the ones to share the meaning of the first Sunday of Advent. Surprise number four!

I have been fighting a cold. And, a dear friend brought a bag with all of the ingredients I needed to make her home remedy for colds. She knew that I needed some help and decided to bless me with the goodies. Surprise number five!

After church and delivering the young man back home, we had to hurry to get to our friends’ house to help with the move – no time for lunch. But, we were able to run by a convenience store. John found a wonderful sandwich and I found my favorite little bags of peanuts – lunch! Surprise number six!

We got to the house and the belongings were squeezed into the five vehicles and trailer that were available. But, it all fit; we could do this in one trip. Surprise number seven!

Upon arriving at the new home, we were curious when we saw a work truck outside. The house wasn’t ready for occupancy; we were not going to be able to move them in today. Our friends were terribly disappointed and frustrated. Surprise number eight wasn’t a good surprise. It was hard to watch these young adults go through this unexpected struggle. But, we prayed together and knew that God would lead. No surprise there: When life throws us a curve ball, God is always prepared. I made a quick call to the storage company we use and learned that a perfect unit was available. Surprise number nine!

Rather than unpacking at the new home, we unpacked at the storage location. The manager gave us a reduced rate. Surprise number ten! And, again, everything that needed to be stored fit – just fit! Surprise number eleven!

While we were headed home, a friend called and asked if at a military retirement ceremony this Friday, would John do the invocation and would I sing the national anthem? Oh course we would help out! (And, my other friend’s remedy for colds will come in handy!) Surprise number twelve!

Nope, yesterday was nothing like what we had planned; it was much better.

Sometimes, the holidays require us to “go with the flow!” But, take it in stride. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want a day where lunch is peanuts and dinner is take out from Whataburger! (Just don’t tell my doc!)

“He guides the humble what is right and teaches them His way.” (Psalm 25:9)