Mary, Did you know?

Earlier this month we were blessed to spend time with John’s sister and her kids and grandkids. While the adults were talking after dinner, the four grandkids present (ages 6-8) were playing hide and seek. We could hear giggles and running and shouts of “where are you?” and “you couldn’t find me!” It was great fun. 

But, John heard a comment that I did not. Apparently, one girl was counting while the other kids were hiding. The scramble to get into hiding locations was underway when one hider shouted, “Count slower, Woman!!” John and I have been using the phrase ever since!

“Count slower, Woman!”  I can imagine every loved one in Mary’s life saying that very thing. Her Mom and Dad didn’t get the angelic visit and explanation. And, even Joseph heard the story from Mary before the angel talked to him. Mary and everyone else had to live by the schedule of events that God directed. 

And, that’s why the song “Mary, Did You Know?” amazes me. Does any parent ever really know even a little bit of what to expect when that precious one comes into their homes and their hearts? Mary could not have known what life was going to bring.

“Count slower!”

“Give me a minute.”

“Stop and let me get my breath.”

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Mary could not slow down the plan that God had put in front of her. But, Mary didn’t complain or struggle, she “pondered” the matters in her heart. 

We know the things that Mary could not know. Let’s use that knowledge to deepen our relationship with our God this Christmas. 


Jill (just one of God’s kids)


Mary said (to the angel), “I am the Lord’s servant, and I am willing to do whatever He wants. May everything you said come true.” And then the angel disappeared.”(Luke 1:38)


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