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Kids and Christmas 

I love kids acting out the Christmas story. Put a young child in a shepherd’s costume and you never know what mayhem will result.

Last Christmas Eve, we were with our kids in Illinois. The Christmas Eve service at their church was wonderful. The crowd was large and so I really didn’t notice the kids in costumes. As the pastor told the story of Mary and Joseph, shepherds, sheep, donkeys, angels, Magi and the star, “actors” came out of the audience and took their places. 

At one point, the “angels” must have not been paying attention, because the pastor said three times, “and the angels appeared.” The third time, it was more like and THE ANGELS APPEARED.” That brought them running!  

After the story had been told and all of the children were in place, the pastor walked to the front row of the church and was handed a tiny baby by a young mother. He talked about Baby Jesus and then he walked over and laid the child into the manger. The audience was a little startled, but the baby was fine and the actors all stayed in place. 

It was then that he said to the kids on stage, “don’t you want to see the baby up close?” They ran from their places and surrounded the manger, putting the tiny one out of our sight. The kids were “ooo-ing” and “ahh-ing” and giggling and laughing. We could hear cries of “he is so little” and “oh, he is so cute.” After a few minutes, the pastor waded into the crowd, picked up the little one, kissed him, and placed him back into the arms of his waiting parents.” The “actors” also made their way back to their parents.  

I have to admit it, I cried. It was all too much.

This Christmas, may we have the heart of a child. May we ooo and ahh at the gift of the Christ Child. May we be in awe of the love that caused Him to leave heaven and come to earth in the form of man. May we remember again that He walked among us and that He knows of the struggles in our lives. May we give our hearts and lives to the Savior who took the penalty for our sins and was crucified on the cross for us. May we rejoice that He has overcome sin and death – the grave did not hold Him. And, may we praise His name that He will return and that we will live with Him forever!


Jill (just one of God’s kids


“It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.” (I Timothy 1:15)