You have time to get ready!

To make sure that I was warm enough for the Army/Navy game, I wore (not counting undies!):

  • 1 pair of tights
  • 1 pair of silky, long underware pants
  • 1 pair of soft, workout pants
  • 1 pair of bib snowpants
  • 2 pairs of socks (1 pair of kneehighs, 1 pair made of wool)
  • 1 pair of fleece-lined winter boots
  • 3 long-sleeved, long underware tops (2 silky, 1 fuzzy)
  • 1 wool coat
  • 1 nylon Land’s End coat
  • 2 stocking hats (1 “heat retaining” hat, 1 homemade)
  • 2 pairs of gloves (1 “ultra cold” pair with mitten palms, 1 pair light gloves)
  • 1 6-foot, super wide scarf
  • 2 chemical hand warmers. 

It was about 34 degrees for the 7 1/2 hours we were outside including pre-game, game, post-game fun and walking to and from the parking lot.

And, I was COMFORTABLE!! I was a little concerned, however, that if someone accidentally bumped me and I fell over, that I would not be able to get up without lots of help. 

When we prepare for something, it makes a difference. Is it time to prepare yourself for this Christmas?

  • The person you just don’t get along with easily. 
  • That food that you love too much. 
  • The gift that you did not expect to receive. 
  • The hug that is too long, or the kiss you didn’t know was coming, or discovering that you are the only one who is hugging everyone.
  • The uncomfortable “work” party. 

You have time. Get ready now! Put on that extra pair of gloves and brace yourself! You’ve got this!!


Jill (just one of God’s kids)


“Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.” (Proverbs 24:27)


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