For unto us

“For unto us.”

What an amazing phrase. “Unto us.” Not “unto them.” Not “unto me.” But, “unto us.”

Not long ago, my folks and I were talking about the body as a system. A hangnail can cause my brain to refocus. A soothing lotion can help move my body into a calmer state. A cup of hot tea can “warm me all over.”

So it is with this world.

Yesterday was rough. The day peaked at about 10:00 am and then went downhill from there. I just didn’t get things right. Events and actions that usually flow seemed halted and challenging. Computer files didn’t work. Weight Watchers changed their point system. My car has to stay another day in the shop and what I thought was going to be a simple wiring connection turned into a major part replacement. It was just a tough day. And, I allowed my difficult day to influence others. I wasn’t as kind as I should have been.  As I went to bed, I was disappointed in my performance. And, then those three words filled my heart.

“For unto us.”

Having a rough Thursday? Anxious for Saturday to get here? Worried that Saturday will get here without your “to do” list decreasing?

Think on these three little words, “For unto us.”

“For unto us”:

  • Christ left heaven and came to earth.
  • Mary and Joseph welcomed the baby into their lives not knowing what was ahead.
  • God put Himself into the hands of violent and evil people.
  • He walked among us.
  • The law was fulfilled.
  • The star lighted the way for the Magi.
  • A path of grace was established.
  • Jesus took my sins upon Himself.
  • The heavens opened the night sky and filled the shepherd’s field with rejoicing.
  • The Messiah came.
  • The world was taught that earthly kings and rulers are just men and God is God.
  • A way was made for me.

“For unto us” means that even on the toughest of days, God is with me. Remembering that Jesus shed His blood for me; that He willingly took on the sins of the world and conquered death; and, that through grace, repentance and faith, I have been forgiven, makes all the difference in this kid’s life.

Today, remember that Christmas started with “For unto us.”  (Isaiah 9:6a)


Jill (just one of God’s kids)


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