Behind the scenes people

IT is not always my friend. Actually, we have had a like/hate relationship for years. So, it should astound you that I put together the visual displays for our church’s choir Christmas program. We have moving words, video clips, and dramatic graphics. It’s all pretty cool, that is, if it works!

(Shameless plug: We are doing amazing music this Sunday, December 13th, 10:30am, Pensacola First Church of the Nazarene, 3475 Pine Forest Drive, Pensacola, FL. Come and you will see fantastic visual displays – assuming the IT system works. And, other than one song during which I have a solo, the music will be fantastic!! Come, join us and remind me of my promise and you will get a free shameless plug on a subject of your choice in a future “gather together” blog.)

What I did was pretty easy. The sound folks, the director, the guy who has to make my mish-mash of videos and picture work: they are all doing the hard jobs.

Will you be attending a Christmas event this year? Have you thought about who might be “behind the scenes?” How about:

  • The flowers that look amazing. I’ll bet that a florist somewhere is looking forward to soaking achy feet.
  • The live animals at the nativity play. Somebody had the fun job of “donkey wrangler.”
  • The candles at the candle light service. Who put all of those paper rings around the candles? And, who will be picking wax out of the carpet after the service is over?
  • The sound system. It isn’t easy to get four-year olds to sound good.
  • The cookies at the hotel desk. Such a welcome treat.
  • The paper plates and napkins at the potluck. Run short and everyone notices how well that job was done.
  • The streamers and noise makers at the party. How do they appear at just the right time?

Get the picture? While enjoying the sparkle and beautiful music, look for the folks with the not so perfect hair and the sensible shoes. Tell them “Merry Christmas” from me. And, tell them that what they did made your Christmas season sweeter.

“I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that was given you in Christ Jesus.” (I Corinthians 1:4)


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