Don’t get cold

Women meeting in cafe and drinking latteIt has gotten chilly in northwest Florida. I know, our worst winter days are so much warmer than those of the more northern sections of our nation. We don’t get the winds that cross the plains of Kansas, the snow that Illinois sees, or the ice that our friends in Maryland find on their windshields. But, we do get chilly.

When the temperatures drops, we find ourselves pulling out sweaters and boots and blankets that have been pushed to the back of the closet. We wrap scarfs around our necks and put on heavier socks.

And, I rediscover hot tea. I love to brew a cup of tea and hold it in my hands, warming up each finger.  As I drink the hot liquid, I begin to warm up from the inside.

Being warm is a wonderful gift.

But, staying warm is tough. Finish the cup of tea. Step out of the warm house. Take off the gloves. And, suddenly, the warmth begins to be replaced with cold. It can happen quickly. We humans have little in ourselves to stave off cold. When we are unable to restore warmth, cold overwhelms us. And, cold results in stiffness in our joints and lessens our ability to focus mentally. Allow it to grow unchecked and cold causes pain, our hands and feet lose feeling.

That happens in relationships too. Remove the warmth of contact and communication and our relationships with others grow cold and stiff and stilted and painful. Allow the cold to grow unchecked and we lose touch entirely.

This holiday season is a perfect excuse to rewarm relationships.

  • Start a new conversation.
  • Engage others.
  • Replace the chill of “acquaintance” with the warmth of “friend.”
  • Make a phone date with that Facebook friend.
  • Drink hot cocoa with a coworker.
  • Eat the cookies right out of the oven with the kids.

Take the time to rekindle warmth in your relationships.  It feels so good!!

Don’t wait.  Do it now.  Send the email.  Make the call.  Set the date.

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:16)


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