Daily Archives: March 17, 2022

St Patrick’s Day Musing

Today is St Patrick’s Day. So are you wearing green? I used to; I didn’t want to be pinched. I suppose with all of the COVID-wrought behaviors we aren’t getting close enough to anyone to pinch them. And, then again even a light pinch might be considered assault in today’s excitable litigious society!

I have friends who proudly wear the green to honor their family heritage and present. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you!

When I was in school, I also wore a bit of the orange. Our family heritage of Irish blood was from the Orangeman (Protestant) side. So, I wore green to be socially acceptable and orange to honor my heritage.

It’s a bit like team t-shirts. You cannot assume that someone who wears University X went to school there, knows anyone from there, or ever watched a team sport played by students attending there. Perhaps they got the shirt from a great thrift store find or as a gift. Ask them about the team and they can’t tell you much.

Others wear team shirts to honor their team. They are dedicated, faithful fans. Ask them about the team and you should plan to sit down as the lesson begins. You will hear about why their team is the best, why their coach is making the best or worst decisions, the team history and its future.

But, it is very unlikely that either group was ever on the team. Doubtful that they ever ran drills on the practice field or arranged their schedules around “two-a-days” or early pool/late gym availability. No sweat was given to wear their t-shirts.

I’m wearing a team t-shirt as I type these words. I am a faithful fan, but I am not a part of the team nor will I ever be.

So what’s my point in pointing all of this out.

Well, I can wear a cross and have no idea what it means. I can say God bless you and say that I am a Christian but have never been on the team. I may have lots to say about church music or preaching but my heart is still on the sidelines, never having gotten close to being in the huddle or pushing for that goal line.

My Friend, until we acknowledge our need for God, praise the name of Jesus for forgiving our sins and turn from our wicked ways to lead a new life led by God Himself, it doesn’t mean much more than wearing green or orange on a day in March or our favorite team t-shirt.

Sitting on the sideline, wearing that pretty cross, displaying that bumper sticker or wearing that t-shirt do nothing to get us into heaven. We have to get onto the field, follow the directions of God, and do as He leads us.


Jill (just one of God’s kids)