In our scripture reading this morning, I noticed a delightful phrase that described when the children of Israel dedicated the second temple in Jerusalem. Most of them came from families that had been forced out of their homes and held captive in a foreign land for 70 years or more. A benevolent foreign leader had allowed them to return to their homeland and rebuild the center of their worship – the house of God. This second temple was not as large nor as precious in building materials, but they were seeking to honor God in their homeland and they were overjoyed when the temple was completed.

Are you ready for the verse? How did they express their joy? Wait for it…..

“The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away.” (Nehemiah 12:43b, NIV)

Have you ever rejoiced to the point that people far away could hear it? I have!! Some of the conversations, just before the singing and dancing, went a little like this:

– “He’s home; safely back from the war zone.”

– “The cancer is gone. The treatments worked.”

  • Close up view of fireworks against a dark sky
  • – “The Royals won the World Series!” (Sorry, that one is from my dream world!)

– “She gave her heart to the Lord.”

– “We found it.”

– “He got a job.”

– “They called last night.”

– “The suffering is over. She went home early this morning.”

– “We paid off the mortgage.”

– “The judge commuted his sentence. He’ll be home in a few days.”

– “God is giving us a little one.”

– “My chains are gone. My heart is free.”

I have no idea who is reading these words. But, be assured that I have prayed for you. May there be shouting in heaven and on earth, celebrating your faithfulness to the path that God has for you.

With God, you can do this!!


1 thought on “Rejoicing

  1. jdmullins2014

    Leaving this again as I don’t think the first one posted.

    This lifted my spirits this morning as realizing that there is always reason to rejoice when God is working in your life, even when the week at work has been hard or you’re dealing with medical issues. I always enjoy your post even when I don’t take the time to comment. I just mentioned your post on networking in a FEMA training class yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful day in worship today.

    James Mullins



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