flagThis week was the first “gathering” of uncommon. And, I feel lighter and heavier all at the same time. Uncommon has captured my attention and this first meeting reminded me of both the opportunities and hard work ahead.

For some time, I have taught a Wednesday morning Bible study. That group of ladies and those weekly sessions have been such a blessing to me. But, earlier this year, it became clear to me that I needed to start a new path. This Wednesday, instead of our usual Bible study of ladies, we opened our hearts and our schedules to a new thing – uncommon.

The word “uncommon” means “out of the ordinary” or “rare.” I want to live an uncommon life. I want to make a difference for Christ. When my time on this earth is ended, I want the world to be better for my granddaughters and their families. It is time for me to step up and to step out.

My goal is to provide a weekly session, focused on a secular topic, rich with content and information that fosters and promotes networking and local businesses and service people. Uncommon is Christian but it isn’t church and it isn’t a club. It is a community, a gathering, a safe place. It is open to anyone and everyone. We want to inform, to inspire, to unite, to encourage and to motivate.

This week, our topic at uncommon was “9/11 and Friends.” Do you remember our nation right after 9/11? We watched as every available member of Congress met on the steps of the Capital building, said the Pledge of Allegience and sang “God Bless America.” We watched our President stand on top of a flattened fire truck and reassure us that America stood strong. We took care to thank members of our police forces and fire stations and armed forces. And, we watched out for each other. I remember feeling safer than I had felt in my life. Those days were truly uncommon.

And, during this week’s uncommon gathering, we listened as RADM Gary and Tammy Jones told their uncommon story of 9/11. It was such a blessing to learn of those who stood up for America; a human shield of protection around our U.S. military bases half-way around the world from New York and Washington DC and Pennsylvania. My eyes tear up even now as I think of their story.

So, who has stood up for you? Who has taken your side? Who has put themselves at risk to make sure that you are safe, that you were protected, that you continue to walk on this earth? This week, a sweet 12 year old told me about bullies at her school. I reminded her of Jesus’ life – how He stood up for those who had no one else. And, I thought of my choice: to be a bully (through action or silence) or to stand up for others. My 12 year old friend has a choice and so do I.

Live an uncommon life – Take a stand – Make a difference.


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)


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