When your name is called, reply “Present”

A phrase has been going through my mind all day; ever had that happen? I just cannot get away from it. It might surprise you. Here it is: “You must be present to win.”

It’s a simple concept. Even if you have the winning ticket, you do not get the prize if you are not in the room when your number is drawn.

Too often I have left the room early and missed out. Sports fans know what I mean. Leave before the final tick of the clock and you may not see the very best plays of the game. (Recall this year’s Super Bowl?)  Readers of mystery novels can relate. Ignore sections in a book and the answer to the mystery makes no sense. Sales people have been there. Pull back your sales pitch early and the sale is lost.

So, why aren’t we present, why aren’t we there when the “big event” happens? Maybe the lure of a warm bed kept us from getting to work or to church on time. Or, perhaps the attraction of the internet kept us from paying attention during that important conversation. It could be that the green eyed monster (i.e., jealousy) stopped us from seeing the beauty around us.  Or, could it be that our self-conscious behavior quelled a budding romance?

Perhaps greatest treasures will come to us only because we got up a minute earlier or stayed a little longer.  Don’t miss out on God’s gifts.

The parable of the ten virgins, five wise and fives foolish is a great illustration of “you must be present to win.”


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