Those we may miss…

I had written my blog for today and then decided late yesterday that it isn’t right. Instead of a story about what my family had to eat on Thanksgiving, I am going to do what many of us will do around tables today: share some of the things for which I am thankful.

This isn’t the list of the most important things or people in my life, but of some of the acts of kindness that I might miss if I forget to look for them.

  • I am thankful for Faith. She worked at our local Tom Thumb before getting a new job this year. She thanked me when I told her that I was praying for her during her high risk pregnancy. She was so dear about the Bible story book and baby blanket we gave to her. Most importantly, she never criticized my over indulgence in diet Coke. I still remember her in my prayers.
  • I appreciate Ruth at the storage unit place. I called her many times to report that the elevator was out-of-order and she smiled every time she left her office to come over and reset it for me.
  • I could not have gotten through this year without Patrick, the man who manages the place where we park our 5th wheel. He lost his wife this year and, in spite of that, is always helpful and hopeful.
  • Where would I be without the Tuesday night and Wednesday morning PCN Bible studies? Ladies, you rock! The same is true for the members of The 6 7 8 Project. I have learned so much from those middle-schoolers.
  • I am thankful for all of those who helped us on our trip to Peru. Sherri was so sweet, learning a new job while working on our travel itinerary that was more complicated than that of anyone else in our group.
  • All of the people we met this year helping our after the spring floods were wonderful to us, responding with great patience as I would ask the same question over and over again. (Although I still don’t understand why we needed three sets of government inspectors to say, “Yep, it’s wet.”)
  • I appreciate all who read my blogs. You take time to not only read my words but to understand what I mean to say, ignoring my errors.
  • Everyone at the new doctors’ offices we visited were wonderful. Each had a sense of humor – a trait so welcome during stressful times.
  • The people at Van’s Nails are all dear friends even though I understand little of what they say. They work so hard at speaking English and in doing their jobs. I am always impressed.
  • I appreciate the clerk at the library who carefully counts the CDs in the audio books I check out. She has learning challenges and is so attentive to her work.
  • Angi is so wonderful.  Even though we see each other face-to-face only every five of six weeks, so always remembers my stories of the past.  And, she doesn’t seem to mind that I never seem to have my hair look as wonderfully as it does when I say goodbye to her.
  • The gentleman who always smiles while we are singing songs of praise at church makes my week brighter. And, the couple who sit up front, their eyes tearing up at the words of worship make me think more carefully about what those words mean.
  • There is a dear lady at the locally owned pharmacy we use. She is precious and always has the right thing to say. She knows my name and I do not know hers.

I thank God for the love of family and friends. But, I also thank Him for the love and patience and grace shared with me by so many others. Look around you. There are saints serving in every area of our lives.

Sometimes I feel a little like the man on the road who was benefited by the “Good Samaritan.” I deserve not the assistance of strangers, but I am so thankful for their help.

Read the story of the Good Samaritan at:


3 thoughts on “Those we may miss…

  1. Middlebusher, Sherri, PRK

    Oh my gosh – thanks so much, Jill! Again, am enjoying our paths crossing and was so honored to see you mentioned me by name! ☺



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