The great debate: The Thanksgiving menu!

I had the most delightful holiday surprise when I first had “stuffing” made by John’s mom. It was cooked inside the turkey and consisted of small pieces of bread with cooked sausage, celery, onion, and poultry seasoning. It tasted exactly like the stuffing that my folks have always made and it was delicious.

Cooking chicken in the oven at home.I found that there can be a great deal of disagreement about stuffing.

  1. Is it stuffing or dressing?
  2. Does it go inside the turkey or is it cooked in a casserole dish?
  3. Is the main ingredient bread crumbs, bread pieces, corn bread, vegetables, oysters or something else?
  4. What about chestnuts, apples, shrimp, ham, turnips, pears, mushrooms and rice?
  5. Should gravy be added or not?

Bring up the stuffing/dressing subject among cooks and you will find a multitude of differing opinions.

Side dishes at Thanksgiving can also cause fascinating discussions. For instance, are you: a savory sweet potato person; a moderately sweet, sweet potato person; or, a “put so much sugar on top that you impact the economy of Hawaii” sweet potato person?

And, what about cranberries? Yes or no?  Fresh or canned? If you like the canned version: whole cranberries or jelly only?

Shall I continue?

What about pies? Pumpkin? Can we add pecan? What about apple? Whoops. Dutch apple, lattice topped apple, or plain apple?

Oh no, I’m on a roll.

What about ice cream or whipped cream? Oh my, here we go again! Homemade whipped cream or store bought whipped cream? Frozen whipped cream out of a tub or foamy whipped cream out of a can?

Actually, it all sounds good!

Too often we see differences as problems. We defend and debate and divide. This year, let’s look at differences as variety. Instead of defending, let’s share; instead of debating, let’s listen; and, instead of dividing, let’s add new options to our inventory of choices. I realize that sometimes the selection given us is not what we would have chosen. But, on this day of Thanksgiving, on this day of gathering, can I, can we put aside what we like best and appreciate those we love? It really is up to us.

Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy. (Proverbs 12:2) Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14)

p.s. Just one more (I can’t resist): Instead of turkey, what about serving steaks, or ham, or burgers? Celebrate new options!!


4 thoughts on “The great debate: The Thanksgiving menu!

  1. jdmullins2014

    For our family thanksgiving celebration this past weekend, we had ham. It is easier and we like it better than turkey. As for holiday dinners, our children will not be with us on Christmas and we are planning lobster, grilled shrimp and some other seafood. We really enjoy seafood and don’t get it that often so why not celebrate Christmas with what we like.


  2. Lorraine

    I recommend the whipped cream in the aerosol can. This should offset all the pies, turkey, dressing and everything else you mentioned. Might make us feel a little less guilty. LOL



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