Daily Archives: September 6, 2014

Welcome to We Gather Together 14!

Yay!!  You found the right place. I’m excited that you are joining me for this exciting journey that will begin on November 1 and continue through December 25.

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Please encourage others to come with us as we celebrate, remember and join together during this wonderful time of the year.  When we, our friends, family and colleagues all read the same posting, we have a unique opportunity to discuss both silly and important topics.  Our relationships will be strengthened.

God bless and I cannot wait until we are connected again on November 1st.  (But, don’t be surprised if I jump into our time together a little early!)


p.s.  As soon as your sign-up notice hit my account, I added you to my prayer list.  You are cherished and loved.  This may be our best holiday season yet.

We Gather Together