Next year?

Today the Navy football team will play their arch rivals – Army. This house roots for Navy – loud and proud!!

It always makes me laugh to hear the media talk about this game. Various sports announcers have talked about this game, describing the players as rivals today and brothers tomorrow. Some media folks will sound patriotic, a few will sound a little idiotic, but all will try to sound deliberate and serious.

I shouldn’t make fun of the announcers. They are working hard to describe an extraordinary game. No doubt that this contest is different from other “big games.” The Army/Navy game isn’t like our home’s Florida/Florida State rivalry or our friends’ “big game” of Auburn/Alabama. Today’s contest will showcase young men who have volunteered to serve our nation, wearing the uniform. Unlike professional athletes, at the end of college these athletes won’t be making huge salaries, considering endorsement opportunities or making tattoo appointments. Instead, they will remain faithful to weight standards, keep their hair neat and trimmed and limit their social activities to reflect those reflective of the oath of office that they will take voluntarily.

John and I are hoping to attend next year’s game that will be played in Baltimore. I have only seen Army/Navy games as they are shown on TV; John has seen them “up close and personal.” I am excited about the idea of being in the city the day before the game. I want to arrive at the stadium in time to watch the Navy Brigade of Midshipmen march on, I want to see the flyovers and hear the Star Spangled Banner sung and I want to sing “Navy Blue and Gold” after the Navy victory.

Have you thought about where you will be on this day next year? Have you thought about what might be different between now and then? Should you be setting some goals now for next year?

Maybe this Christmas, you could share with family members, “We are planning to be home next year.” Or, you could tell that grandchild, “If all goes well, I would love to walk a 3K with you before the end of 2016.” Or, “Next Christmas, I will be tobacco free for 12 months and give myself a fantastic gift with the money that I saved!”

Start planning now. You can do this!!



Jill (just one of God’s kids)

But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”  (2 Chronicles 15:7)


2 thoughts on “Next year?

  1. Gary Jones

    Go Navy…Beat Army also resonated at our home yesterday. Like you, and with a little luck, next year in Baltimore sounds wonderful. Merry Christmas Dr. Jill. WR, Gary



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